Friday, 6 June 2014

Weekly Challenge #170: UMT "Bugles - by Joyce Evans"

I've been busy tangling every day for 5 days now ( as part of this challenge finally made a start on this week's challenge with the Diva.  Bugles is not a tangle I use very much but now that I've experimented I think I will use it some more.

I have 2 versions here, black and white, and colour.  I erased all the shading and decided to add colour to bring out the delicate pattern.

I must say I really enjoyed drawing this and I hope you like it too.  Thank you Laura and Joyce.

Thank you for dropping by and having an interest in my work - I appreciate all the lovely comments from last week's challenge, thanks for taking time out of your busy lives.

See you around :)


  1. They are both so pretty. I love how you left off one of the "wings" in the central Bugles to give it a very unique and lovely look.

  2. I like the more streamline look of how you used Bugles. I always seem to like the black and white ones best and I think it is because you do a really nice job of shading.

  3. BEAUTIFULLY created.... love them both... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  4. I'm a black and white photographer from the good old days, and it has always be my preference in images. Therefore I love the first Tile, but the Color Tile blew me away. I therefore have an impossible selection choice between these to beautiful Tiles. I love 'um both. Beautiful work, Lila. One does not leave you site with less than a full blown smile, and a can't wait attitude to get back. Thanks.

  5. What a brilliant monotangle!


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