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Tangled Boxes
Bought these cute cardboard boxes from one of those $2 shops (although there's not much available :) ) I coated them with some matt white spray paint (2 times) let them dry, then tangled and painted some clear gloss for protection.

Tangled Candle

I've been wanting to try to decorate a candle like this for ages!! I've got a week off work and had time to finally give it a go. 
First draw your design on tissue paper, then wrap your paper around a candle.  Next grab some waxed paper and wrap it around the candle.  (so you have 2 layers now, the tissue paper and waxed paper).  Then you carefully hover a heat gun or in my case, I used a hairdryer around the candle.  You will see the colour of the paper changing - it kinda melts into the wax.  As this was my first time, I wasn't sure how it would go and wanted to use a pattern that was fairly quick to draw as I was very eager to jump right in - I used Mi2 - a longtime favourite of mine.  I hope you like it - thanks for looking :)


Tangled Letters

These are letters I've gifted to my family and friends


  1. Your projects are very, very great. Love the tangled letters and boxes. The tagled candle is super. What a great idea. Want to try it myself sometime. What pens did you use for the candle project?

    1. Hi, thank you for your lovely comments on my works. I used waterbased marker, however, I don't think it really matters as its the heat and waxed paper that makes it stick. You can even stamp the paper or use patterned tissue paper.

  2. You do some really wonderful tangling projects.


  3. Love the candle and the letters! So many good ideas..


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