Saturday, 19 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #176: "B.Y.O.B" take 2 (or 3 or more...)

This week's challenge with Amy Broady is quite interesting, and I really went to town with the theme - BYOB - bring your own beverage to the tangle.  Thank you Amy and Laura, I had loads of fun!

I better tell you this is going to be a long post and I do hope you continue to see the end results.  These will be part of my 2nd entry.

During the week I busily prepped some tiles and paper; 

before... here I used coffee

after ... tangles Meringue by Kelley Kelly, Mathura and Soleil by Anne Marks, Jasmine by Simone Bischoff (this one is my favourite)

here I dropped coffee off a teaspoon

and then went over the drops with a fork, forming criss cross pattern (mmm looking interesting)

this is the end result - no real tangles, just allowing the coffee stains to make a statement.  For interest I added some pink around the edges using a photo editor.

and next we have more coffee, dribbled randomly then drawing over the coffee with my handmade paddlepop 'pens'.  I just cut small 'Vs' with a knife.  Mind you I did these ones at work so I don't have many tools to choose from lol

I should have stopped before writing my name in coffee (my boss gave me the cup for Christmas a couple of years ago - and I'm not looking, I already have my tall, dark and immortal :))


and here is how this tile turned out - just some bibs and bobs in between the grid like areas - oh any my pattern 'Deelite' - its the narrow one.

Yep, there's more

A few pics of the next experiment - some alcoholic drinks - why not?  they are quite pretty, don't you think?

not happy with the results - the liquid tended to stay on top of the tiles and when I tried to soak up the excess, you could hardly see it, so I drank the rest :)

then I had another bright idea - why not use some pink rock salt, that will do the trick! nope, it too was a fizzer :( (too bad as that salt is not cheap)

and now for the exciting bit - I had a brainstorm and I had been planning on trying out some liquid 'Chlorophyll' - it is a very very dark green liquid and even when you mix it with water, it is still quite dark - it's in our fridge and it's my daughter's, supposed to be really good for you - tastes a little minty, not really my cup of tea :)

Tile 1:  can you see 'mum' and 'bub'?  I only noticed them this afternoon when I was tangling.

a closer shot, you can see the green colour better

I did a couple more, poured some Chlorophyll onto one tile, then place another on top

here is mum and bub again

I went back to these, tried one more time - blah!

These tiles with Chlorophyll were done in two stages, after I blotted the first drops I poured some more to get a darker shade of green - tuned out camouflaged.

and here we have the finished mum and bub tile - she is sweet (have no idea what's going on to the right! lol)

and finally, here we have the pair of tiles - as you can see I added some fuchsia bingo dots

Thank you for staying with me to the end - hopefully I didn't bore you.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe. :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

New Pattern - Chim-Chimenee

A few weeks ago I was doing a ZIA and began to draw my pattern 'Chop Chop' from memory, however once I did the triangle peaks something else eventuated.  A few people asked me about it so I decided the pattern was different enough to warrant it's own step out and name.

This is the piece I was working on at the time.

here is the step out

a close up - together with patterns, Sliders an Chechain

and my pattern Chop Chop

and here's a tile I finished off yesterday, nothing to do with Chim Chimenee :)

and a glimpse of my desk at work - a work in progress - this is what I do when I need a break from Finance :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #176: "B.Y.O.B"

This week’s challenge is brought to you by Amy Broady CZT from Tanglefish  and the them is to B.Y.O.B.—Bring Your Own Beverage—to your tangling session and utilize it in your art.

I prepped my tiles at work today.  I made myself a cup of coffee and spooned some liquid over the tile.  I wasn't that impressed as the colour was fairly light so I tried again; this time 3 heaped teaspoons of coffee in about a third of a cup of water.  I spooned it over, and as it was a big blob I soaked it up with a paper towel and kind of sponged more colour over the tile - I did a third one, this time putting the coffee in a saucer and placing some cardstock over the liquid - I haven't tangled on this one as yet.

I do want to try something else I have in mind and I will let you know what it is, maybe tomorrow night :)

I started my first tile using 'Cruffle' and 'X' tangles, then I added one of my faves, 'Chechain'.  I like it because it flows really well and doesn't take long to do.  Also, I wanted to add some blue as I do like brown and blue together.  I added a bit of a twist by only colouring the white bits of part of the pattern - it might look a little strange but I do love how it turned out.

 For my 2nd tile I drew a simple flower using my pattern 'Maddie2'.  I used black gel pen, Faber Castell Sanguine and a tiny bit of Faber Castell May Green.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for all the wonderful comments - blessings to all xx

here are my tiles, before pics (look at that rich colour-almost black)

 my first tile

 my second tile

Monday, 14 July 2014

New Pattern - Maddie 2 (revisited)

I quite like doing oval shapes and ever since I had a few comments about the way I treated the 'petals' of Crux by Henrike Bratz last week it occurred to me that I should do a step out on that very pattern.  I'm calling it Maddie 2 because it really is just an extension of my pattern Maddie - well maybe not an extension as such but it is another take on it.

It's basically a sharp oval, with a line in the middle (take it or leave it) and then creating further ovals inside - you can go on forever if your original oval was huge! hehe

and here we have it... thanks for looking :)

a close up (no shading)

with shading

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #175: "UMT - Crux by Henrike Bratz" 2nd entry

As mentioned yesterday I wanted to try 'Crux' in a not so rigid form and this is what I came up with - you know I'm starting to like this pattern :)

This piece reminds me of a Kimono.

Thank you to everyone for your beautiful comments on yesterday's piece - I appreciate you taking the time to view and comment.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #175: "UMT - Crux by Henrike Bratz"

Laura's back from Providence and looks like she had a lovely time and met many of her follows at the CZT training with Rick and Maria.

This week the challenge is a use my tangle 'UMT' and it is to use 'Crux' by Henrike Bratz.  I do want to play with it some more and explore other avenues but for now here is my simple piece.

Thanks again for stopping by and thank you all for your kind comments during the week.

and a couple of tiles using my beloved bingo dobbers :)

New Pattern - Easy 3'sy

I was on the phone, doodling as you do and when I finished I noticed a pattern had formed.  I took the piece of paper home and drew up some steps.  I've not seen a pattern like this, and if you have please let me know so I can credit the owner.

It's very easy to draw, just one basic squiggle - like the number 3 and a reverse number 3.  There are many possible variations - I've come up with a few and have shown it horizontally, vertically and curvy.

I do hope you have a chance to try it yourself.

Thanks for visiting - have a great day :)

Here's a funky 3sy :)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Happy 4th July

Wishing all my family and friends in the U.S a Happy 4th July - hope you have a lovely day spending it with your loved ones.  Wish I was there :)
Cheers from Down Under - Stay safe xxx

And a couple of pieces for today.

I knew what I wanted to do with Ben's template but kept running out of time - so today was a good excuse for an Eagle.

The other is a tile I started on during lunch and finished it tonight.

Have a great weekend - thanks for your visit :)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #174: Superimposing Strings - 2nd entry

I had a little time tonight so decided to do another superimposing string tile.  I chose to do tangle pattern strings #098 and #111.  I kept it fairly simple so not to take away the strings.  To compensate, I added shading.

Here are the 3 stages:

*the 2 strings
*no shading
*with shading

Thank you all for the lovely comments already received :)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

More Dots

On a scrap piece of paper I drew a circle, cut it out and then placed the paper on top of my worksheet (like a stencil) and then dotted with my bingo markers.  I tried to dot evenly as I wanted to use my 'X' pattern.  Once the dots dried I drew the circle in and then carried on with the 'X' pattern.  For the outside I used tangle 'Woodlock' by Sayantika Ray.  I drew some swirl leafy/petals in the inner corners and shaded them in aiming for a 'relief' look.

I hope you like it - have a happy day!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #174: Superimposing String

This week's challenge is brought to us from Aimee Belair, CZT

Her challenge is to superimpose strings - place a string on top of another string .  I fiddled around with a couple of strings at lunchtime and wish I had taken a pic as now I can't even tell where the strings are.
It's 1 July, but seeing as we are a day in front, I think I need to post for day 30 - create each day in June!! yay!!! it's quite a feat - the being creative is not hard but the posting is so time consuming.  Check it out here Whimsy and Zen with Kelly Barone.

Thanks for looking :)
 without shading

with shading