Friday, 8 December 2017

New Pattern - Hollyday (Two patterns in One) - just in time for the Holidays :)

Hello Everyone

I'm back with another pattern for you to try out :)

I've been busy creating Mandala Christmas Cards and the pattern on this one pictured below caught my attention.  It's very simple and very effective, so I wondered how it may look on a dotted grid - and I was pleasantly surprised.  I started with the basic pattern (which reminds me of Holly, hence the name) and played with it and my mind kept on going and going. The variations and possibilities are endless, BUT..... the thing I love most of all about this pattern is you actually get another pattern as a side - and I have to say it's gorgeous and depending on which part you colour or shade, that particular pattern will stand out.

I would love for you to try it out for yourselves (you will see what I mean - it's not easy to explain) :)

Although I tested this pattern on a line grid, I felt it didn't lend itself to too many variations, however, it does look nice drawn that way too (see final pic)

Below is the Mandala that got me inspired and excited to draw step outs for a new pattern.

The Step Out (so simple isn't it?)

This sample below has got so many variations ie lines added, pattern drawn up and drawn down and embellishments - one can go crazy '-)

And here I drew Hollyday in the round and freeform - I do like how it turned out.  I added some green so the freeform Hollyday stood out a bit more.

And lastly I wanted to show you 3 versions of Hollyday on tiles 

The one above drawn on a grid - how different does it look!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

New Patterns - Build-a-Flower Series; Layla, Sophia's Star

Hello Everyone! It's been such a long time between posts. So much has happened - 2 new grandbabies, Weddings and a move to a new country which has consumed a lot of my time with renovations and settling in.
I hadn't even drawn all that much so I joined the Inktober Project which challenged me to draw every day. I have posted on my Instagram and Facebook if you want to check them out.
If you follow me you would know that I love drawing Mandalas and these flower patterns are based on this concept ie starting with a shape in the centre and 'building' your design around it by adding lines, circles and other shapes here and there.
Whilst I had this in mind I quickly drew some step outs.
I would love for you to try them out for yourselves - it's very therapeutic.
So my 2 loves, creating Mandalas and designing patterns 😃
Have a great week.

Monday, 1 August 2016

6 New Patterns - Vikings1,2,3, Bugzy, Cruffeleni and Butter Beanies

Some new patterns are in store.  It has been quite a while since I've posted on my blog.  I started these patterns 2 weeks ago and hadn't progressed past the play stage on scrap bits of paper.  They basically follow the same form with some variations.  Vikings remind me of the head gear the Norse men wore, hence the name.

I would love for you to try out these patterns when you have time. :)

Have a great week!






Saturday, 21 May 2016

New Pattern - Kathy

 Hi Everyone,

I am alive and well (haven't posted since December, naughty, naughty!).  Lots going on and hard to spread myself everywhere lol.

This pattern came about during my study on 'T' grids over at Ina's place.

I've been busy the last few days doing some of the activities with the Grid Journey.  The pattern I played with was my own 'Penelope'.  I had already studied it to death, I had thought, but alas, through my grid play, there were even more possibilities!! :)

I hope you find time to come out and play - I would love to see what you come up with.  Have a lovely day :)


Sunday, 13 December 2015

New Pattern - Allusion

Hello Everyone, it's been a very long time since I've posted here - and certainly not because of lack of creations :)  I've been busy creating mandalas mainly and I am up to #56 for the 100 Mandala challenge.  I decided to start again as I lost count earlier, typical me ;-)

When I get my act together I shall post those here too.

In the meantime, let me introduce to you my latest pattern called 'Allusion'.  Allusion as Illusion has already been taken ;-)  

The pattern came about whilst drawing a ZIA for a swap.  I included mainly my own patterns, one of them being Penelope.
one of the variations of Penelope is the one on the very bottom, orange and black.

My inspiration for Allusion came about as I was drawing the mandala below.  I felt it warranted its own name and step out as it is quite different to Penelope.  It's the pattern that looks like steaks to me :)

Oh and I better show you the step outs.  I hope you like it and try it out, would love to see your interpretations of it.  (I apologise for the quality, I haven't replaced my scanner)

Well. its way past my bedtime and I have to get up early for work tomorrow.  

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Weekly Challenge #240: Birthday Leaves (or as in Australia, Spring Blossoms - Kurrajong)

The weekend is almost upon us and I have only just finished my tile for this week's challenge.

It's Spring in Australia, so no Autumn leave drawings from me.

I've used my tangle 'Kurrajong' which is another name for the Illawarra Flame Tree.  This tree is in flower now and is scattered throughout the escarpment.  It has bright red flowers. 

I've been busy taking mum to the Physiotherapist after her hip replacement surgery and am continuing on with my drawings for Inktober.

Have a lovely weekend and hope the weather is nice to you all.

Smiles :)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Weekly Challenge #238: "UMT - Tri-bee by Beate Winkler, CZT"

What a fabulous tangle Tri-bee is, I had a lot of fun with this and am definitely doing another.

I've not seen this one before and am so glad it was chosen by the Diva in this month's 'Use my Tangle (UMT)'.

I haven't had a chance to see what other artists have submitted as I've been way too busy in between helping my mother with household chores as she's recently had a hip replacement as well as contributing to 'Inktober' (one ink drawing per day).

Here is my entry, showing before and after shading.

Inktober entries Day 1 to 8

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Weekly Challenge #235: "String Theory: Stripes"

Just a quick post this morning.
Showing black and white, with colour, and colour with shading.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Weekly Challenge #234: UMT - CanT by Chris Titus, CZT

It's already Wednesday and I've only had a chance to see what this week's challenge is this afternoon!  Time sure flies.  I haven't done any tangling for a few days and am feeling jittery.  So this afternoon I worked on a few tiles; the Square One focus on Inapod and had time to do a quick tile using CanT by Chris Titus, for the Diva Challenge.

CanT is a lovely simple tangle with lots of room for variations.  

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to see what others' have created.  If you have time here is the link Weekly Challenge #234 - UMT - CanT by Chris Titus CZT 

I hope you are having a lovely week.

Smiles :)

Square One: Focus Inapod

And here's a few things of late

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Weekly Challenge #231: "The Undulating Tangles in C and S minor" - Guest Blogger Sharla Hicks.

I'm not too sure if I've captured the essence of this week's challenge.  All I could visualise is undulating hills and from that came the water.

I've been wanting to use 'Swell' by Sandy Bartholomew for a while now, and I think it fits in perfectly.  Of course with the water the sun came along and for it I used 'Thumbprintz' by Traci Frogley (a fave of mine - just love this pattern).

Colours just had to be added, it wouldn't be the same.  I used what little I have at hand as most of my coloured pens, pencils are.... well.... who knows, in boxes under my son's house I would say.  :)

I almost wasn't going to bother participating as I thought this challenge, too much of a challenge.

I'm so glad I did as I really love this tile, especially with the bright colours - it did cheer me up - thank you Sharla.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Smiles :)

 before colour


 colour and shading

here's something I've been working on during the week

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Weekly Challenge #228: GUEST BLOGGER Cari Sultanik, CZT

All things natural and organic is this week's theme by guest blogger Cari Sultanik CZT.

I'm not sure this tile fits with the theme exactly, but that's how it flowed lol :)

I added colour as I felt it needed it.

Ok, so what tangles did I use - I see Bunzo (a fave) some spirally thing, some scrolls, tipple, Gr_ate and I had another go at Narwal.

The colours are an inexpensive brand of watercolour pencils I bought for my granddaughter to play when she visits.  (I used them dry here)

I really like Prismacolours, but they are packed away somewhere and this is all I managed to find.

What else have I been up to?  I drew some step outs to a few new patterns, did lots of drawing and here is one I would like to show you.

I was given some pieces of true vellum.  I didn't want to ruin the larger pieces so I did a small tangle on an offcut.

It's pleasant to draw on, nice and smooth, however I did find the micron pen slipped a little due to the natural oils.

I would like to do something with the larger pieces and perhaps do some gilding and add gesso for colour - we shall see, I'll have to think some more on that idea :)

Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Patterns - Ringalink and Crossex

You've probably worked it out - I just love drawing step outs to patterns.

It's obvious I gravitate to structured geometric patterns, although you will find several free form ones in my portfolio as well.

These latest two are no different.

The first one I've named 'Ringalink' as it reminds me of linked jewellery rings.

There are many ways you may embellish and/or shade; here I've shown a few examples.

The second one, Crossex, is a pattern I've been meaning to draw for several months and have now finally done so. 

I hope you like them and try them out.

Thanks for stopping by.

Smiles :)

 My inspiration

Friday, 24 July 2015

New Pattern - Illawarrior (2 ways)

Continuing on from the other week, I played some more with my tangle pattern 'Gr-ate'.  I've still not drawn the step outs to another one I have in mind however as I was fiddling around I came up with 'Illawarrior'.  

 my scribbles

 The name came about because the pattern reminded me of an arrowhead and somehow ended up being named 'Illawarrior' (which is also a name for our Rugby Union team from The Illawarra)

Below taken from Wikipedia

The word "illawarra" is derived from the Aboriginal Tharawal word "allowrie," also sometimes spelled as "elouera" or "eloura." According to A. W. Reed, the word is variously translated as "pleasant place near the sea" or "high place near the sea."[1][2] The prefix of "illa" is also known to mean "white clay;" with the suffix "warra," sometimes spelled as "wurra," meaning "mountain" in the local indigenous language.[2] George Bass and Matthew Flinders were the first Europeans to visit the area, with Flinders recording that it 'was called "Allowrie" by the natives'.[1]
For the period around 1806, the region was called "Five Islands"; referring to the group of five islands off Red Point.[1][3] In 1817 Governor Macquarie, referring to region, wrote: 'part of the coast known generally by the name of the Five Islands, but called by the natives "Illawarra".[1]

So there you have it, a little bit about the area I live and grew up in.
Some of you may have had the chance to see a sneak preview of the new pattern on Facebook when I posted this tile.


here are the step outs.

As is often the case, the pattern is able to be drawn in a number of ways, 2 of which I have shown here.
I don't think there is a pattern out there like this and if so, please let me know.

I hope you have a chance to try this and would love to see how others interpret the pattern.

Thanks for your time and have a lovely weekend - Its Friday here so won't be long :)