Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Weekly Challenge #156: "Curvy Gridlock"

A quick post before work - my curved grid around a flower using ovals as a fill.

To see other interpretations please visit

Hope to find time to do another - thank you for looking, have a great night/day :)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Weekly Challenge #155: "A Little White Space"

I was umming and arr-hing whether to enter this piece in this week's challenge as I had made it for the Aussie Tanglers 'K' swap.  Time was nearing and seeing as I didn't get round to doing another, I thought, why not? after all it fits the criteria - right? :)
thank you and hope you'll come for another visit soon.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

'K' swaps for Aussie Tanglers

Our first swap for the Aussie Zentanglers Facebook group - currently has 12 members - 8 in this swap.  We are to do tile size tangles starting with the letter 'K'

Thanks for coming

Here are mine :)

Kurrajong by me
Keenees - Donna Hornsby CZT

Kolum - Lara Williams CZT
Kyoto - Elaine Benfatto
Kuzek - Laura Harms CZT

Kytez - Neil Burley
Kuginuki - Sandy Steen Bartholomew CZT

Kuke - Katy Abbott CZT
Knightsbridge - Zentangle (with the 'R' official tangle )
Kitchener - Mary Sargeant CZT

Kilroy - Moon Attic/Janice Sherlock
Knot Rickz - Cheryl Cianci CZT

Khirkee - Claire Warner
Kandysnake - Vicki Murray
Knyt - Lyndel Churchill

Kloonz - Lara Williams
Krust - Sandy Steen Bartholomew CZT
King's Crown - Suzanne McNeill CZT
Karpet - Vicki Murray
Keeko - Zentangle

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Gift for my mum

It was my beautiful mum's Birthday yesterday - Happy Birthday Mum!

She's one of these people who's difficult to buy for, has everything and more than she will ever need in her lifetime, plus her and dad always make a big song and dance when we do buy them things :)

So I decided to do a drawing.  I wish I had taken some work in progress pics as the finished product looks nothing like it did in the beginning.  I made a fair number of changes as I went along.

This is my first try at a 'Flip' (one of Helen Williams from alittlelime specialties) and I am so happy with how my flower turned out! Thank you Helen, your ebook and video made it much easier for me. and I even learnt a few things.  One thing I did take away from the lesson was the imaginary middle point of a flower - I had no idea!  Now that I do know I will be more diligent to get that correct.  When I started sketching the first petal I was not aware of that, so my flower may look a bit wonky.

I continued by adding more petals, a stem and a couple of  leaves, (now those I need to practise, as I got one of those wrong).  I really liked the minimalist look, however, I really wanted to add tangles - and I did :)  I wanted a grid background  and chose 'Quiltz' by Kim Barlow - I don't spend a lot of time choosing tangles as my theory is, if I don't like it, then so be it, it's only paper.  I don't usually use pencil or a ruler, but this time I used both.  Besides for shading I used pencil to sketch my petals and leaves as suggested by Helen and because I wanted this piece to look more even, I used a ruler.

Originally, this was going to be black and white with some shading - well! wouldn't you know it, even as careful as I was with ruling the grid I accidently ruled through one of the petals :(  I was so annoyed with myself .... so now I had a dilema, how was I going to fix it?  the only thing I could think of was to add patterns to the petals  ... so I did.

That was fine, the petal dilema was resolved, but now it looked busy busy.  Thinking, thinking, that's ok too when I add some shading and fill it will make the flower pop - right?  Nope, no siree...... now what to do?  I then went on and added some gold colour to the petals.  Nope still lacked life so I blackened areas around the petals as it looked very fussy in between, especially when you only see some of the background lines of Quiltz.  That seemed to do the trick but it still lacked something.

So my last idea - it was going to make it or break it!!  I decided to add some red Prismacolour to the flower and green to the leaves....... thinking the whole time, what have I done!!  I don't have time to start a new.

Then it dawned on me, add some yellow to blend the colours in, so I did..... and this is it.

I hope you like it and got some insight as to how it came about.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and I would love to receive some feedback.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weekly Challenge #154: "Valentangle"

Being Valentine's Day, this week's challenge is named 'Valentangle' and we are to do something that reminds us of Valentine's Day, be it hearts, cupids, chocolates etc.  mine is flowers.

I didn't necessarily start this piece with Valentine;s Day on my mind.  I was on my lunchbreak and wanted to try 'Showgirl' by Vicki Bassett.  I added some 'Luv - A by Sharon Carforio, a couple of flowers, some stripes, tipple and one lonely Mooka.  I added some colour using Copic markers.  I started off with pink but ran out so then I added some red, various greens for leaves but I felt they were too bright so then I blended the greens with browns, greys and violets to get some muted colours.  Its not my best work but its ok.  For some interest I added a couple of dangle hearts. and thats about it.  Originally, I had in mind to add tangles to 'Showgirl' but somehow that went out the window during the process.

I have been busy of late, tangling some ATCs for a Valentine Day swap so I'm kinda all hearted out :)

I hope you all had a lovely day with your loved one/s.

Thanks for popping in, have a great weekend.

It is quite busy ....oh well

and here are the ATCs

.....and a couple of pop up cards

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Zendala Dare #91

I haven't done a Dare for a while and I missed the deadline for last week's one (No. 90) so here are both #90 and #91.  I didn't particularly like #90 but love #91 - I would like to do some more - will see how I go for time.
Thanks for your visit - have a good week :)

Zendala Dare #91 the bright owl

Zendala Dare #90

Friday, 7 February 2014

Weekly Challenge #153: UMT v.24 "Jailed Johnny - by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT"

This week we have a 'use my tangle' challenge and Laura from I am the Diva has asked us to try the pattern 'Jailed Johnny' by CZT Sadelle Wiltshire.  I must admit all I see is bugs/moths and couldn't go past that thought.  Somehow or other, I ended up pairing it with Girdy - a very unlikely partnership, but there you go! it's done and this is the end result.  I was in minds whether to add colour and decided against it.  Then I had to think about how to shade Jailed Johnny and then I saw tubes - so I went along with that.

If you have a chance check out what others have come up - I know I will, I need some inspiration for this tangle.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by - have a great weekend :)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Versamark Pen and Tangling???

Well the day finally arrived - I've been wanting to try this for so long now and this morning I said to myself that today is the day to test my Versamark pen and see what I could do with it.  

I knew I would have to work quite quickly so a large piece was out of the question.  I didn't want the pen to dry out because the embossing powder would not have anything to stick on and hence, my idea would have become a fizzer!! hehe

The embossing powder is from 'Stampin Up' one is 'Red Cobbler' and the other is called 'Pool Party'.

Now that I've tried it I probably won't do it again - not that it doesn't look good but to work quickly I can only do small works.

This one I tried my newbie pattern 'Zulu' - its only 3 inches by 3 inches - I could turn it into a card or something, but for now, I'll leave it aside :)

see the sheen of the powder?  (Oh I forgot to say that once you put the powder on top of the Versamark image, you shake off the excess and heat it - I used my toaster)  

For this one, I just drew large dots, then tangled simply - its about 3 inches by 6 inches

My verdict?  It is very fiddly but I can now get it out of my system lol

Thanks for visiting and for your interest - Your comments are most welcome :)

Feeling Inspired - New Patterns Zulu, Zulu2, Hexicad and Korrimal

Usually I go out during my lunchbreak and do some tangling but alas I was more or less 'workbound' as my daughter had my car for the day whilst hers was getting looked at.  So I had some time to kill and was flicking through a House and Garden magazine and came across this really cool garden setting.

Being the Tangler that I am, I wondered how I could deconstruct this beautiful backdrop into a Tangle Pattern.  I did a quick sketch and left it at that - until today, (which was only 2 days later really lol). It was on my mind and I did not want to brush it aside for another day, coz that day may never come back.  

So here it is -  I called it 'Zulu' - my daughter said it reminded her of warrior shields, so Zulu it is.  There's probably a step out somewhere out there but I've not come across it and apologies if there already is a step out.  Please let me know as I would not like to tread on someone's toes.

I tried scanning, but my scanner wanted to play games with me and divied up the page into sections, so I had to take pictures and even that gave me grief.  I ended up taking the pics outside but I still see some shadows - so I do apologise for that.

When I tested this pattern out on a scrap piece of paper the other day I actually had vertical lines in the centre - it does change the pattern a little and it looks like this.

Continuing on, the light kept flashing in my head and I wondered, what would happen if I used circles at each point rather than straight lines? - hmmmmm  -- and here is that

so now its a variation or tangelation on 'Cadent' so I named it 'Hexicad' (hexagon/cadent)

My mind still tick ticking and from all that, I get to this - I couldn't think of a name so I named it after the town I grew up in - the correct spelling is 'Corrimal' but for this it's now 'Korrimal'.

I kept playing and could do more variations on this but decided this is the basic pattern and you could do anything with it, like double arcs, going horizontally and then vertically and you get a new look.

Thank you for staying with me until the end - I hope you have an enjoyable and safe weekend :)