Friday, 5 December 2014

New Pattern - Violeta

 Hello - it's been quite a while since I've posted on my Blog - I've been so busy with the lead up to our Family Reunion and have not quite got myself organised and back to my before reunion days hehe.

Yay! it's Friday and I actually have some spare time before heading off to work, so I'm taking the liberty to share with you my latest pattern called 'Violeta' - named after my daughter-in-law (we call her Vicki).  I was making a birthday card for her and was going to use the pattern 'Blooming Butter', however something else happened after placing the first few dots!

I love it! it's fairly easy and anything goes with it.  It doesn't have to be precise and the lines can be as random as you like - add fill and embellishments as you see fit.

I've also drawn a variation where the lines meet - they look like a bunch of flowers.  The pattern may also be drawn on a grid - it looks quite funky like that - I will post a ZIA showing 'Violeta' on a grid later on. 

I do hope you find some time in your busy lives to try it out.

Thank you all for visiting me.

Here is the card which started it all.  'Violeta' is the pattern on the top of the card.

 ...see how it flows?, no need to be exact

 the step outs

2 tiles and a ZIA - there is much to explore!

'Violeta Pears' as an add on - this tile for this week's 'Violeta' challenge with the Wacky Zentangle Weekly Challenges Facebook Group :) 


  1. Lovely. I enjoy seeing the pattern worked out in your tiles. It helps me see the possibilities.

  2. This is an awesome pattern! I love it. I am not sure I understand how the flowers appear when the lines meet....but I probably should try it and see what happens. Maybe then I will get it.

  3. Lovely work on her card, among other things. I really like this pattern and will try to incorporate it into other pieces in the next few weeks. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Smashing. You're amazing Lila. Wish I could keep up with it all!
    Have a fab 2015.
    :@) xxx


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