Sunday, 30 March 2014

Red and Black Doodles

These were 'tangled' on some drink coasters - then rotated and saved several times.  I started these over a week ago and only went back to them tonight.  They are what I would call abstract doodles rather than tangles, I quite like them in any case.

Sunday Patterns - Sliders and Handi

Inspiration is all around us and like many of you I see patterns in everything my eyes come across.  I was browsing over some 'Home' magazines at work last Friday, I had a quick flick and saw a few interesting ideas for some tangle patterns.

The first one I called 'Sliders' don't really know why, I guess to me the ovals appear to be sliding :) and the second one came from 'Sliders' except instead of starting with squares, I used the letters 'H' and 'I' - hence 'Handi'.  That is where the similarity ends, in that the patterns are quite different to each other.

I have another one I was playing with, but I just can't get my head around it - I may post later this week.

And here they are.  (I don't think there are any step outs to these, at least I haven't come across them - so if you know of any others like this out there, please let me know so I can credit the stepper outer.)

Thanks kindly for stopping by and for your interest.  Have a nice day.

And here is my tile.  That pattern in the centre started off being 'Handi' but I was interrupted in the middle of my tangling (my daughter asked me if I wanted to go for a walk - I was going to go, BUT luck would have it, I couldn't find my joggers lol (think I left them in Florida, come to think of it).  anyhow back to the story, where was I?  oh yea, I did the 'H's but then I forgot the 'I's - so I think another step out is on the Agenda :)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tackle it Tuesday - E

This week's Tackle is the letter 'E'.  I didn't realise there aren't too many to choose from.  Most being continuous line types which were not really suitable for how I wished to use them.  Being an 'E' theme and getting close to Easter, my 'strings' were egg/oval shaped.  I just finished some Easter ATCs for a swap I'm participating in, so that was still on my mind :)

Here are my tangles:

Embellish by Sandra Strait
Exis by Jennifer Hohensteiner
Eye-wa by Zentangle
Euca by Anne Marks
Efilys by Sandra Strait

Thank you Cheryl Rotnem from artful creations - I find these type of challenges less stressful as it narrows down the choice of tangles somewhat :)


Zentangle Weekly Challenge #1 (by Madebyjoey)

Here's a new weekly challenge and it is coordinated by madebyjoey

The first challenge is to do Tic Tac Toe 9 square artwork - the challenge starts with a simple 'warm up' exercise with just one guideline, any pattern within a 9 square "Tic Tac Toe" box.

I've made my squares to look like a window with 9 panes.

Tangles used (from left to right top row)

1.  Betweed
2.  Mi2 and Footlites
3.  Reticulated
4.  Amoeba and Alium
5.  Lazy Eights
6.  Ornamato
7.  Coroline
8.  Drupe
9.  Cayla and Nipa

It was fun doing this challenge - thanks Joey and best wishes for future challenges :)

Thank you for stopping by - Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Weekly Challenge #160: "String Theory: Spiral out, Keep Going! (v.2)"

Another week over and time for another challenge with I am the Diva

I am excited with the theme of this challenge - we are to use a spiral as our string, something I don't gravitate to, so it will give me a chance to practise on them some more.  I do love spirals especially the awesome ones by the Queen of Spirals, shellybeauch - in my opinion she is the best!!

To me spirals and organic go hand in hand - organic is not natural for me, so I am a little out of my comfort zone.  

Tangles used, Coroline, Zoose, Quirk, a variation of Scrolled Feather and Maddie with a few auras and fill thrown in for good luck.

Have a lovely week - stay safe and smile :)

Portrait or Landscape?  I think I prefer the landscape

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Weekly Challenge #159: "Top O' the Morning" 2nd entry

My 2nd entry using a variation of new tangle by 'ZentangleR' Rixty and my own background Maddie

Thanks again for your visit :)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Weekly Challenge #159: "Top O' the Morning"

The Diva has dedicated this week's challenge to St Patrick's Day - anything goes, take inspiration from St Paddy :)

I had already started a page using Tangle Pattern String No. 95 the day before and I wanted to use it as my base.  Tangles used:  A variation of Flowervine using Lukiline 'flowers', Clove, Sh'Rock, Lazy Eights and added a bit of Florez and hearts in 3 of the corners.

It's a fairly light piece and I had trouble taking a pic that was clear enough so tonight I scanned it and it worked so much better.

I hope you like it.

Have a fantastic week everyone and thank you for all the comments - I appreciate you stopping by and find myself stressing because I don't always have time to make comments on all your blogs - but I do want you to know I really do admire all the various works of art - every piece is unique and special.  

Happy tangling everyone and have a great week! :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tackle it Tuesday - C

This is my first entry to 'Tackle it Tuesday' with fellow tangler Cheryl Rotnem CZT from Artful Creations (hopefully I'm not late as entries close Saturday night and here its now Sunday afternoon :) )

This week is to use tangles beginning with the letter 'C'.  My chosen ones are:  Carp 3, Cayke, Clove, Copada and Coroline.

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Weekly Challenge #158: "Duotangle: Diva Dance + Crescent Moon"

Entry number 2 for this week's Challenge at iamthediva

I started this one during my lunch break today using blue and red gel pen.  Shading with a navy pencil.

I'm surprised with this combination of tangles - I don't think I would have even attempted to put these two together due to their similar lines, of light and dark.  Anyhow here it is.

Thanks for stopping by :)

 and edited

Weekly Challenge #158: "Duotangle: Diva Dance + Crescent Moon"

A quick post before bed - Duotangle - Diva Dance and Crescent Moon.  I have used Tangle Pattern String # 94
Have a great week :)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

What to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon - why tangle, of course!

A wet day - of course I'm going to do some tangling :)
I found some cardstock in my book, already cut to size and folded - so I made use of it.

Weekly Challenge #156: "Curvy Gridlock" 2nd entry

Here is my second entry for this week's challenge #156 'Curvy Gridlock'.

Firstly, I just slap haphazardly drew the grid, not caring too much about the straightness of the lines (I was going to fill them anyway by using my go to 'Tipple' ).  Along the way I decided against adding Tipple to all of the lines, as it may have taken away the look I was trying to achieve.

Originally I was just going to use 'Diagonals' throughout but decided to only use it for some of the cells, I added curvy thick lines to some and used 'Florz' for the 'circle'

It's very abstract and I like how this turned out.  The biggest problem for me was shading as the paper I used is very smooth and difficult to blend.  I did know that before I started but did anyway.

I hope I have inspired you.  Thank you for your visit - come back real soon :)

Happy Weekend!

and here's the same piece digitally edited.