Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tackle it Tuesday - E

This week's Tackle is the letter 'E'.  I didn't realise there aren't too many to choose from.  Most being continuous line types which were not really suitable for how I wished to use them.  Being an 'E' theme and getting close to Easter, my 'strings' were egg/oval shaped.  I just finished some Easter ATCs for a swap I'm participating in, so that was still on my mind :)

Here are my tangles:

Embellish by Sandra Strait
Exis by Jennifer Hohensteiner
Eye-wa by Zentangle
Euca by Anne Marks
Efilys by Sandra Strait

Thank you Cheryl Rotnem from artful creations - I find these type of challenges less stressful as it narrows down the choice of tangles somewhat :)


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