Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekly Challenge #156: "Curvy Gridlock" 2nd entry

Here is my second entry for this week's challenge #156 'Curvy Gridlock'.

Firstly, I just slap haphazardly drew the grid, not caring too much about the straightness of the lines (I was going to fill them anyway by using my go to 'Tipple' ).  Along the way I decided against adding Tipple to all of the lines, as it may have taken away the look I was trying to achieve.

Originally I was just going to use 'Diagonals' throughout but decided to only use it for some of the cells, I added curvy thick lines to some and used 'Florz' for the 'circle'

It's very abstract and I like how this turned out.  The biggest problem for me was shading as the paper I used is very smooth and difficult to blend.  I did know that before I started but did anyway.

I hope I have inspired you.  Thank you for your visit - come back real soon :)

Happy Weekend!

and here's the same piece digitally edited.


Thank you for your visit :)