Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Arums, Zantis and Coroline

I was working on a few patterns that developed from a leafy/flame pattern.  I remember as a young girl a group of us used to draw flame like patterns, starting from the bottom of the page and we would continue this pattern working our way up the page.  We would colour them in rainbow colours and I thought it was quite pretty.

So my first pattern, I named it 'Arums' after Arum Lily because that's what the pattern reminds me of.  I did some variations; one is quite whimsical resembling 'gum nut babies'.  This is something else I have doodled over the years.  In one of my note books I have something that I have yet to construct into a pattern - I should get onto that one too :)

Now I had Lilys on my mind - so the next pattern idea stemmed from 'Arums'.  It is called 'Zantis' - I googled the botanical name for the Arum Lily and its called 'Zantedeschia', hence the name.  It's quite an easy pattern to do and I think it looks lovely in a line, looking like a scroll. 

Thirdly, pattern 'Coroline' is also based on a Lily.  It is more or less a front on view, as if you are looking into the flower.  Now it too is scrolly, but in a different way.  I have come up with some variations ie horizontal and vertical.  I wondered whether the pattern would be adaptable in a less formal way, so I tried doing the pattern randomly and it worked out just nicely (well,I think so anyway).


 Thanks for your interest - comments are always most welcome - have a nice day :)

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