Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Weekly Challenge #152: New Official Tangle Aquafleur

I have been playing with Aquafleur last week ( I followed Emily Houtz how to)  I found her how to, to be simple and easy to follow - I like drawings and I avoid watching videos whenever I can. 
These are my interpretations where I deliberately missed adding the little tails on the 'ribbons'

from there I went on to do this red number

...... and then Rick and Maria posted their version of how to draw 'Aquafleur' (it is one of their tangles and is now on the official list).

Well, now I am confused, as when I drew from their step out, I cannot seem to make it flow naturally and it looks very different to Emily's.  When you examine both versions they do have the same features, it just looks way different.  So now I tried it their way and this is what I come up with

here, I've added some fill to my original piece.

And then the Diva Challenge was to use Aquafleur - so out came my pencils again and this is what I came up with - like blobs sliding down a wall :) its done on brown cardstock.

Still not completely happy, I looked at the 'Zentangle' website and checked out Rick and Marias's examples .  I do love how they are so soft and fluid like - me and organic don't go hand in hand together - My style is so rigid, and every now and then I try to do organic - I need lots of practice.  lol

A brainstorm hit me - how about a pillow effect - and yep this is how it panned out (I used Copic markers for colour)

I do like this, even though its not technically a 'Zentangle' and more of a ZIA.

thank you for your visit.  I hope I made sense as I am a little tired and can hardly keep my eyes open :)


  1. WOW ....This is Amazing !
    And so many of those beautiful ZIA's
    I think this is gonna be one of your favorite tangles :)

  2. Well, Lila, I had to go see Emily Houtz to see her step-outs for Aquafleur after reading your post and looking at your lovely tiles. She does do it quite differently, but it might be easier for some to do it that way. Aquafleur is the tangle that was taught at my CZT training last June so I have a fondness for it. I love your pretty interpretations.

  3. Your sure did a lot of practice with this tangle, and both ways sure did do a great job, on so many tiles with beautiful colors

  4. You look like you had fun experimenting with all the possibilities! Nice work on them all.

  5. Melanye Narcarti29 January 2014 at 15:52

    I, too, had quite a time with Aquafluer. I just couldn't get it right trying to follow Maria and Rick's step outs. I did the same thing Emily did; I drew the spokes, then added the little cap and pulled it out a bit so it looked like it was wrapping around. That was easiest for me. It's good to see someone else doing it too. Yours are beautiful! The second one and the pillows are my favorite!

  6. All are very lovely! So many varied possiblities! Very creative!

  7. You put in a lot of work here. They are all so unique. I do like your final one though with using it as a pillow effect.

  8. Although all of your examples are great, I love the pillows! When the pattern steps came out I learned a bit more and applied some of it to my work, but I too draw a bit rigid and more technical and the more fluid-like patterns are harder for me to control thus I choose to use them less. But anyway, great pieces. Nice work!

  9. Every single one of these is beautiful! I love the variety. I really like the red ones that look like they have a little puddle in them. The pillows are great, too.

  10. Beautiful work, Lila. I really love the gorgeous, plump, juiciness of the first three - the one in red reminds me of hard, pulled lollies. So much lovely colour - I enjoyed them all.

  11. Lovely work. I especially enjoyed looking at the red and white striped version. We used to suck sweets lust like them when we were kids.

  12. These are amazing. I love your interpretation even without the overhanging bits! Your shading and coloring are stunning. You always have such an amazing eye and flow with your tangling. I am inspired by you.


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