Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tangle Pattern Updates - Hollyday with loops, Vivienne, Lift Off, Alvin, Querky, Nuttin and Nadica

Hello Everyone

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, spending time with your loved one/s.

Let me just say, it has taken me a while to update my Blog with these step-outs.  Mainly due to the hassle of bringing out my laptop - I know I can upload via mobile but the scanning process was easier to save on a USB.

I don't know about you but I tend to get into frenzies and do things in bulk; I'll draw Mandalas, then ZIAs or get back into Crochet, bake each day....the list goes on.  Step Outs is another one and once I zone in I get right into it and one pattern leads to another..... and another and I find if I don't jot it down, my mind keeps racing, making it difficult to fall asleep.

The first pattern is an extension of  Hollyday - this one has loops.  Actually, I think the majority of these patterns derived from Hollyday.

The next pattern I've named Vivienne (after my youngest baby granddaughter).  This one is also very similar but I thought it was different enough to warrant its own name and step out - plus it's less confusing for my brain.

I was playing with the basic Hollyday shape, drawing it in freestyle and I came up with Lift Off (it reminded me of some type of space vehicle and didn't want to have rocket in the name because I already have Castlerock, which also reminded me of a rocket) and Alvin (don't ask me why the name - it just came to me).

Now, this next pattern is quite interesting.  For months I have been eyeing off the pattern on some toilet tissues and finally decided to try to replicate it - it's not exactly the same but close enough for me. Someone commented it looks like this pattern has been done before - well, maybe.  I think it looks that common and simple and yes it is probable.  I think my take on it takes on a new  perspective, especially when it is drawn on a dot grid.

Querky is its name because hubby said it reminded him of acorns (Quercos is its botanical name). Querky was a good enough name for me.... I don't think too much about names and often it will be the first thing that pops in my head.

my inspiration

A study of Querky

From Querky came Nuttin - Nuttin amazing here (pardon the pun ;-))

Playing with X'es led me to this.  Surely this pattern exists somewhere out there - I couldn't find it but if anyone does, please contact me so I may credit the artist.

And my final step out for the day is Nadica, named after my mum (Nada) who turned 77 yesterday. Happy Birthday Mum! xoxox 
(P.S I haven't used up all my family names as yet!! ;-))

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some inspiration with these new patterns. I like to incorporate them in my Mandalas - they look sooo different when drawn in the round!

Here are a few 

My patterns Maddie and Cimchiminee together with Thumbprintz by Traci Frogley (one of my favourite go to patterns).

below we have Querky

and another Querky

and the next one is Holliday

and this one is Vivienne

and closing off with Nadica

Until next time - Smiles :)


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