Friday, 8 December 2017

New Pattern - Hollyday (Two patterns in One) - just in time for the Holidays :)

Hello Everyone

I'm back with another pattern for you to try out :)

I've been busy creating Mandala Christmas Cards and the pattern on this one pictured below caught my attention.  It's very simple and very effective, so I wondered how it may look on a dotted grid - and I was pleasantly surprised.  I started with the basic pattern (which reminds me of Holly, hence the name) and played with it and my mind kept on going and going. The variations and possibilities are endless, BUT..... the thing I love most of all about this pattern is you actually get another pattern as a side - and I have to say it's gorgeous and depending on which part you colour or shade, that particular pattern will stand out.

I would love for you to try it out for yourselves (you will see what I mean - it's not easy to explain) :)

Although I tested this pattern on a line grid, I felt it didn't lend itself to too many variations, however, it does look nice drawn that way too (see final pic)

Below is the Mandala that got me inspired and excited to draw step outs for a new pattern.

The Step Out (so simple isn't it?)

This sample below has got so many variations ie lines added, pattern drawn up and drawn down and embellishments - one can go crazy '-)

And here I drew Hollyday in the round and freeform - I do like how it turned out.  I added some green so the freeform Hollyday stood out a bit more.

And lastly I wanted to show you 3 versions of Hollyday on tiles 

The one above drawn on a grid - how different does it look!

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