Zendala Dares with The Bright Owl

 Link to my Zendalas for the Weekly Dares with Erin

This week's Dare is all about pie, thinking of Thanksgiving Day.  We are to use only tangles beginning with the letters 'P' 'I' and 'E'.  A feast in itself!  not only are we to use only those tangles, but, also, one of them is to be one that we haven't used before!  So, I had a look through and found a few that I hadn't used.  They are:  Echo, Insydout and pinwheels, although I kind of coloured in the wrong section :)
My favourite is the 2nd one with red added.  The first one is way too busy for my liking and I think it's because I used 'Pea-nuckle' in the background and it took over lol.  My 3rd is very simple as I ran out of tangles I hadn't used :)
Thank you for looking and I wish you all a fantastic week - SMILES :))
 Pea-nuckle, In a Pod, Echo
Pokeleaf, Insydout, Euca

Pinwheels, In a Pod, Echoism
Zendala Dare #29
Even though Erin www.thebrightowl.com is not feeling well, she still managed to post this week's template for us keen 'Darers'.  Thank you so much and I hope she gets better real quick!


  1. Your templates this week are all super. I also like the middle red zendala as it has a lovely balance of red, black and white.

  2. I love the first one, the colour is fantastic! I think the Inapod really draws the eye around and into the centre. Wonderful!

  3. I really like how different each of these are. The greens in the first one are gorgeous; the second zendala is my favorite, because of the colors and I also love the design (Euca is now on my radar to try!); and I like how you used Echoism as your border in the third zendala.


  4. All of them are so beautiful. I love how you use color - stunning.

  5. Great work (and a lot too). I like the second and third ones best. The red is very nice here (second), but also the third is beautiful, mayby just because it is so 'simple'.

  6. You made lots of beautiful pieces! It's wonderful you managed to use just one pattern of every letter! That didn't work for me - you did succeeded!

  7. All three zendala's for pie are uniquely different and I love how you have interpreted this dare!

  8. All the zendalas for both of the dares are lovely. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

  9. Wow, you really got three very different looking zendala's.... I agree and like the second one best, but the first one sure catches my eye too.


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