Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bellamy - my new pattern

I'm playing catch up with some step outs.  I'm always finding bits of paper with sketches of some things that pop into my head.

Introducing 'Bellamy' (the hardest part for me is naming my patterns)

It looks kinda tricky but it isn't really and it doesn't matter if the lines are not the same size which is a plus :)
There's quite a few number of steps but that's because I stretched it out - I could have shown it in less.

Aiming to do at least another step out this weekend.

Thanks again for your visit :)

 close up of examples


  1. Great pattern! I love how you've also shown examples of how you've made it 3D. Wonderfully drawn!

  2. Great stepout Lila! Love it.

  3. I like this new pattern a lot. Very clear stepouts too.

  4. Have to give this one a go too, in fact, have to try them all. Lol! You've come up with some beauties.


Thank you for your visit :)