Thursday, 3 April 2014

Weekly Challenge #161: "In a Quandary about Quandary"

Late Monday night I saw that Laura had posted this week's challenge.  It's a pattern that never really appealed to me - only because I struggle with it - the tangle is 'Quandary'.  She says it's a practise tangle, and she sure was right about that.  It was too late to start so the next day on my lunchbreak I decided to practise - the only thing was I couldn't remember if it has 5 or 6 petals!  I had a play regardless and then I had a closer look on Tuesday and I discovered it was 6.  Then I read her little trick is to do it in sections, triangle by triangle.  It seemed like a good idea but when I drew it I kind of do the whole 'flower'  I'm going to call it a flower because it looks like one to me :)

Firstly I drew 3 circles and just started somewhere in the middle - I added 'Flowervine' as I thought the two patterns would work well plus to try to give the piece a bit of balance - not sure if I succeeded so I coloured some areas using a blue Copic marker.

My practise piece

 My entry

Found this on my desk at work (nothing to do with quandary)

A piece I was working on Monday night - finished last night

Some doodling whilst on the phone at work - it's on a papertowel

...........and there you have it

I hope your week has been travelling kindly :)


  1. I like what you did with Quandary. I think it is a tangle that everyone has to decide the best way for them to approach it. I use the flower method and try to mirror petals. It works for me. I like how you had the vine meander through and also how the petals fall away.

  2. Your coloured Quandary is beautiful! Very creative! Also I like your third tile! It´s great!

  3. You have been quite busy making these beautiful stuff. Quandary is done very well by you.

  4. the quandary works well with the vine.A lovely tile!

  5. All your pieces are awesome. I especially like the colors on Quandry. :)


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