Thursday, 10 April 2014

Weekly Challenge #162: "String Theory - Initial String"

I'm surprised, Laura's post only came out last night and there are already over 30 entries!  I'm going to make this a quick post as it's way past my bedtime and I have work tomorrow.

Our challenge is to use our initials for our string - you can spot mine from a mile away hehe.

If you too would like to participate or check out the other entries, you may click here I am the Diva

I drew the string last night and tangled my tile tonight.  Seeing it was very dark piece, I added colour as I didn't think shading would suffice.

Have a wonderful week everyone :) thanks for your visit - look around :)


  1. Love all the colors you used! A very fun tile!

  2. This was a fun challenge. I love all your colors for such a bright and happy tile.

  3. Very colorful. The bright red makes it easy to spot your initials.

  4. Indeed a fun tile with all the bright colors.

  5. Great, dramatic and colourful tile!

  6. Wonderful and very colourful tile!


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