Sunday, 27 April 2014

A few pieces of late

The first one was a work in progress for a few days.  I wasn't happy with the direction it was heading, however not one to leave a piece unfinished I kept at it and completed it this afternoon.  Perhaps I should have shaded it but because it is drawn with a blue coloured pen I was hesitant to use a blue coloured pencil for shading.

Frilly Flowers

An aunt of mine wanted me to show her how to tangle, here is my piece and unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of hers.  She quite liked it in the end but was very concerned with her shaky lines - I thought she did very well considering.  I stressed to her its not about the finished product but the process is what it's all about.

this one was finished early on in the week and I just hadn't got around to taking a photo and posting it.  The main pattern is from a design on some scatter cushions I saw in a magazine so I'm not sure if there is a tangle like it out there.  I also used Rixty, Fandango and 2 of my newbie tangles Cameo and Bellamy.

I hope you had a pleasant weekend - as for me, back to work tomorrow after 10 days break :)


  1. Very beautiful!
    The blue and both black and white like them very much.
    Best wishes and a nice evening, * Manja *

  2. These are all beautiful! I'm quite taken with the last photo, there is so much to see and learn from!
    I hope you are able to take your pens to work with you for a minute of relaxation!
    ~ joey ~


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