Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Weekly Challenge #158: "Duotangle: Diva Dance + Crescent Moon"

Entry number 2 for this week's Challenge at iamthediva

I started this one during my lunch break today using blue and red gel pen.  Shading with a navy pencil.

I'm surprised with this combination of tangles - I don't think I would have even attempted to put these two together due to their similar lines, of light and dark.  Anyhow here it is.

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 and edited


  1. Really pretty color combination and tile.

  2. I wondered too about putting these two patterns together. Turns out that they pair up nicely. Great work, Lila!

  3. Awesome! It only took a second for me to look at this & think... "it looks like a phoenix..." & Lovely job on the edited versions. They just come alive!

  4. Very unique! I thought right away it looked like a bird too, like the previous comment said.

  5. Like all the different color variations. Probably like the middle one best for that but I like earth tones. Is interesting how people's eyes see such different things. Reading Kathryn's comments I can see the the Phoenix but honestly my first thought when I saw this was Surf's Up!! And I have never surfed.

  6. I adore these Lila, as I said before they remind me of a sea creature, crawling along the ocean floor, Fantastic work, love your page too :)


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