Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Zendala Dare #91

I haven't done a Dare for a while and I missed the deadline for last week's one (No. 90) so here are both #90 and #91.  I didn't particularly like #90 but love #91 - I would like to do some more - will see how I go for time.
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Zendala Dare #91 the bright owl

Zendala Dare #90


  1. As always -- beautiful (both pieces). They both have you very identifiable style (which I love). Great art!

  2. Beautiful - your art is so inspiring!

  3. Both are beautiful and very different. I like the 'spiders webs' in the first a lot.

  4. I like both of your tiles and can't pick a fave! Your color in the 2nd tile is especially nice. :)

    Be happy,

    Jacque Solomon

  5. Like the twisted rope. Also like what you did in the outer shape. Not sure what tangle that is but it looks great. Great job of shading.

  6. 91 almost has a wood burning look to it! love it!


Thank you for your visit :)