Saturday, 22 February 2014

'K' swaps for Aussie Tanglers

Our first swap for the Aussie Zentanglers Facebook group - currently has 12 members - 8 in this swap.  We are to do tile size tangles starting with the letter 'K'

Thanks for coming

Here are mine :)

Kurrajong by me
Keenees - Donna Hornsby CZT

Kolum - Lara Williams CZT
Kyoto - Elaine Benfatto
Kuzek - Laura Harms CZT

Kytez - Neil Burley
Kuginuki - Sandy Steen Bartholomew CZT

Kuke - Katy Abbott CZT
Knightsbridge - Zentangle (with the 'R' official tangle )
Kitchener - Mary Sargeant CZT

Kilroy - Moon Attic/Janice Sherlock
Knot Rickz - Cheryl Cianci CZT

Khirkee - Claire Warner
Kandysnake - Vicki Murray
Knyt - Lyndel Churchill

Kloonz - Lara Williams
Krust - Sandy Steen Bartholomew CZT
King's Crown - Suzanne McNeill CZT
Karpet - Vicki Murray
Keeko - Zentangle

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