Thursday, 3 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #174: Superimposing Strings - 2nd entry

I had a little time tonight so decided to do another superimposing string tile.  I chose to do tangle pattern strings #098 and #111.  I kept it fairly simple so not to take away the strings.  To compensate, I added shading.

Here are the 3 stages:

*the 2 strings
*no shading
*with shading

Thank you all for the lovely comments already received :)


  1. I'm always amazed how much shading adds to a tile. Love the tangles you chose.

  2. Love the flow, the motion. Great job.

  3. Love your Tile, Lila. Your draftsmanship never falters. Beautiful smooth arcs and impeccable spacing. Your years of practice make your pieces shine. I can never say enough about your work. You have impeccable taste, and that makes your pieces delicious. Great job.

  4. It looks like a lot of people used string #111 and it's so interesting to see the different results. Yours is beautiful, Lila, and I like the one with the shading best.

  5. Wonderful tile! Love the boldness and the contrast.

  6. Like the "path" wending it's way across the tile. Nice line work and shading. You also have a nice contrast.


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