Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Pattern - Krinkle

I was flicking through the pages of 'Canvas Embroidery Patterns' and was inspired by a Bargello kind of pattern.

It reminded me of corrugated board and as I didn't think much of the name 'corrugated' I decided on 'Krinkle'.

It's a very simple pattern with basically 2 steps.  I'm going to play some more - I think it's very versatile and has lots of room for many embellishments.  Here, I've only shown a few - I think you get the drift -  I do hope you like it and try it out for yourselves.

It really comes to life with some shading.

Have a great week :)

 my inspiration - the colours are so rich and beautiful

Seeing as I finished the step out and shading today, I will enter it as my Day 11, create each day in June - a challenge with Kelly Barone from

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