Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday's Tangles

It's been a while since I've tangled in red, thought it was about time :)  I tried Emily Classon's YAH- really not sure how to do it - looked simple enough but I struggled with it.  I've also used my very first tangle 'Offerings' (still special to me).

I've noticed recently Kelly from Whimsy and Zen has been including prompts for the 'create each day in June challenge'.  I have to say I have not been following these prompts, partly because I didn't realise we were to follow the prompts and the other reason is because I am one day in front, so in my mind I know that I must create, the thing is I don't find out what until I post and by then its too late.  In other words I don't know what tomorrows prompt is until the Northern Hemisphere's tomorrow, which is my day after tomorrow - make sense? haha  I think you're starting to get my drift :)

The other tile is a Renaissance tile using tangles Aura-Leah and the new tangle by Alic Hendon named dutch diamonds


  1. These are both amazing Lila! I must experiment with your shading and "shiny" techniques that make your pieces look just fantastic! Any tips for a beginner?!
    ~ joey ~

  2. wow, lila! these are gorgeous! i especially like the last one - oh, dutch diamonds is so beautiful here! thank you for using it!

  3. I haven't experimented too much with color, it's hard after doing black and white for so long to decide if the colors look good or I just think they don't. :)

    I like the highlights with white that you did. It adds a lot of depth. Pretty.


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