Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Time for a little baking

My last day of rest and relaxation before I go back to work tomorrow after 4 day long Australia Day Weekend.

A few weeks ago I made these scrumptious Raspberry Friands and as I still had heaps of Almond Meal, I wanted to make some more.  Well, wouldn't you know it! - I didn't have enough icing sugar :( and I wasn't going back to the shops just for that.  Plan 2 takes place.  In my favourites I had another 2 recipes with Almond Meal that I wanted to try - I chose this one   Greek Almond Biscuits and they did not disappoint.  When testing recipes off the internet I will go by the reviews - the reviews were all positive so I figured they would be fine.

Well, let me just say, they are so yummy and very more-ish!  If you like almonds or the taste of marzipan, I highly recommend them.

I was hoping to get some tangling done today, but here it is almost 11.30pm and all I've managed to do is print off the string for this week's challenge with I am the Diva.  The night is still young, may get to start the challenge yet :)

I really don't know what's wrong with Blogger, it's still mucking up (for 2 months now). I've tried the suggestions on their discussion board and still keep getting logged out AND I can't upload pics (unless via Flickr). I must have signed in at least 10 times just while trying to write up this post! grrrrrr...... :( not happy Jan!

Here it is 12.15am, have been booted off, have closed down the computer and started all over again.  Managed to upload some pics but as soon as they appear on my draft post, it tells me I'm logged off and to log in again - I'm tired of all this.  Will try thru Flickr now......hmmmm

12.38am -FINALLY - By the way I put one of those boiled lollies in the centre of one batch and rolled the other in almond flakes - aren't they cute! :))

12.48.... this is unreal :( I can't believe Google still hasn't fixed their glitch.

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  1. They look so yummy! I gained 5 lbs. looking at the pictures! Your Zentanlges are beautiful too....The food distracted me, LOL


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