Saturday, 12 January 2013


Angel1 by Poppie_60
Angel1, a photo by Poppie_60 on Flickr.


First challenge with the Diva for 2013! Yay! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday :)

This week's tangle is by the one and only B-rad, Laura (The Diva's hubby). He came up with it one night before Christmas, whils listening to Pink Floyd.

It's a great tangle, don't you think? Well done B-rad!!

I did several works for this challenge, and I have to say this one is my favourite - I kept it simple.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have some time head on over to to see some other entries.

Cheers! enjoy the weekend :)


  1. I love love love this beautiful angel.

    1. Thank you very very much for stopping by to view and comment. I'm having a lot of trouble with Blogger lately as it keeps telling me to log back in. It took me 3 hours to view and comment on some of the other peoples Bloggs! so I couldn't comment on them all sadly. I hope it gets sorted soon, so frustrating.


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