Monday, 28 January 2013

A Valentine's Zendala

A Valentine's Zendala by Poppie_60
A Valentine's Zendala, a photo by Poppie_60 on Flickr.
This template screamed 'Valentine' to me :) - my 3rd work using this template and one of my favourite tangles 'Zen Bud' by Daniele O'Brien.

To see some other entries for this week's Dare, head on to

Tangles: Zen Bud, Eyelet and Ribbon

Thank you for looking - your comments are welcome :))


  1. Very nice roses. Like the Eyelet and Ribbon border. It frames it nicely

  2. I immediately thought "Valentine" also! It's so gorgeous, and the colors are so rich and wonderful.

  3. Thank you - I appeciate you taking the time to view and comment :)

  4. Wow, indeed a nice valentine card. Beautiful tangles and great color work. :)


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