Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Patterns - Ringalink and Crossex

You've probably worked it out - I just love drawing step outs to patterns.

It's obvious I gravitate to structured geometric patterns, although you will find several free form ones in my portfolio as well.

These latest two are no different.

The first one I've named 'Ringalink' as it reminds me of linked jewellery rings.

There are many ways you may embellish and/or shade; here I've shown a few examples.

The second one, Crossex, is a pattern I've been meaning to draw for several months and have now finally done so. 

I hope you like them and try them out.

Thanks for stopping by.

Smiles :)

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  1. Really like the Ringalink! I am going to try this one out immediately! Thanks!

  2. Me, too! I love the Ringalink and will be using it in some of my pieces immediately. Great job, Lila! Love your patterns and your blog!


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