Friday, 24 July 2015

New Pattern - Illawarrior (2 ways)

Continuing on from the other week, I played some more with my tangle pattern 'Gr-ate'.  I've still not drawn the step outs to another one I have in mind however as I was fiddling around I came up with 'Illawarrior'.  

 my scribbles

 The name came about because the pattern reminded me of an arrowhead and somehow ended up being named 'Illawarrior' (which is also a name for our Rugby Union team from The Illawarra)

Below taken from Wikipedia

The word "illawarra" is derived from the Aboriginal Tharawal word "allowrie," also sometimes spelled as "elouera" or "eloura." According to A. W. Reed, the word is variously translated as "pleasant place near the sea" or "high place near the sea."[1][2] The prefix of "illa" is also known to mean "white clay;" with the suffix "warra," sometimes spelled as "wurra," meaning "mountain" in the local indigenous language.[2] George Bass and Matthew Flinders were the first Europeans to visit the area, with Flinders recording that it 'was called "Allowrie" by the natives'.[1]
For the period around 1806, the region was called "Five Islands"; referring to the group of five islands off Red Point.[1][3] In 1817 Governor Macquarie, referring to region, wrote: 'part of the coast known generally by the name of the Five Islands, but called by the natives "Illawarra".[1]

So there you have it, a little bit about the area I live and grew up in.
Some of you may have had the chance to see a sneak preview of the new pattern on Facebook when I posted this tile.


here are the step outs.

As is often the case, the pattern is able to be drawn in a number of ways, 2 of which I have shown here.
I don't think there is a pattern out there like this and if so, please let me know.

I hope you have a chance to try this and would love to see how others interpret the pattern.

Thanks for your time and have a lovely weekend - Its Friday here so won't be long :)



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