Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Patterns Gr_ate and Penelope

A week ago I was flicking through a House magazine (as I often do for inspiration) and I came across a lovely bright cushion with an unusual pattern.  It had what looked to me like figure 8's but laid in a horizontal way.  I played with it and just couldn't get it right, however, as often happens another pattern emerged (Gr_ate) and from that Penelope came about.

Gr_ate isn't all that great but I just love Penelope, its such a pretty pattern.  Now I do know that in the Zentangle® way patterns should not be representational, but in the process Butterflies appeared.  I have given  3 different variations and then I wondered how the pattern would look like in a grid and in the round.

Well, enough of me talking, here they are.

I hope you like them and try them for yourself - would love to see what you come up with.

Happy Tangling :)

Oh and since scanning I have shaded some of the 2nd page of Penelope which I will add to this post later. Oh and I couldn't help myself from adding a beak, an eye, wings and feet on the 8's hehe ;-)

here is the shaded version (a bit difficult to see)

and my Penelope Mandala

and shaded


  1. These are very interesting patterns, simple but effective. Thank you for working on them!

    1. Thank you Jakki - I had fun drawing them up :)

  2. Really pretty! I can't wait to try them both!


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