Thursday, 15 January 2015

Weekly Challenge #200: "Bi-Zen-Tennial Celebration!" for Laura AND for me!

Challenge #200 for the Diva - now that is real dedication.  I may not participate every week, but I sure have done my share :) 

Let's see, my first challenge that I posted an entry was back in 2012 - It was Challenge #70 Colour me Sepia  

I was hesitant at first and 'watched' for about 3 weeks, then I decided that the following week was going to be my first dip in.  Well, low and behold, the challenge was to use the colour Sepia!, now what do I do, I had no Sepia pens - but.... I found some paints that I had bought for my granddaughter for when she would visit me - they were in little bottles with a spongy top - much like a bingo marker, so I used the brown one.

I started tangling the day after Christmas in 2011.  I already had a Flickr account and I did a search on 'Zentangles' and found heaps of beautiful artworks -  through Flickr I came across some entries for the Weekly Challenge with the Diva (Laura Harms).  

Hasn't she done an amazing job - keeping up with her blog and setting up all these wonderful challenges for us! Thanks Laura - your a gem!  Happy 200th Challenge - and here's to 2,000 more!! hip! hip! hooray!

This is 'Smiley' my first entry that I had posted with the Diva Challenges.

I don't think I posted the following works - here I used some brown ink - some leftover I found from my Calligraphy days - I just used a paddle pop stick and a brush to spread the ink.

And to highlight Challenge #200 I did this bright piece.  Tangles used are my 'Poppie-Love' and 'Loop-de-loop'

.......... and you know an interesting thing happened... I posted this on Instagram and I realised that I reached 200 followers!  what a coincidence!  So this ZIA is for Laura and for me :)

Have a lovely week everyone!  and a big thank you for your visit and for your beautiful comments - much appreciated.


  1. Very the use of color

  2. Thanks you for sharing the 'older'ones, they are quite worth while. And congratulations with your 200th follower! The 200 piece is beautiful and has well chosen colors.

  3. What a celebration! Love your tiles and colors :)

  4. Wonderful Post, Lila. Love seeing your work. Beautiful 200th Tribitute Tile. Awesome colors.

  5. These are ALL so beautiful! Love you usage of color too! Congrats on the 200 followers...what a nice occurrence!

  6. Lots of great tiles. Like the color.


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