Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Chechain revisited

Hello Everyone

Thanks for visiting despite having been absent from blogging for a few months!

Well, a lot has happened.  I left my job of 20 years, went on a 3 month holiday to the U.S, got married to my American sweetheart and now I'm back in Oz again, looking to get back into the workplace and contemplating where to from here.

I've been tangling sporadically, mainly posting through my Instagram account.

I posted a drawing yesterday and then someone asked me about one of the patterns, they hadn't seen before.  The pattern was a variation on one of my own, called 'Chechain', so today I thought I'd do the step out for it.

I do hope you like it and even better, have a chance to try it out.

I look forward to seeing your creations.

Have the bestest day!

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  1. Lila I've missed your blogging but so delighted for you that you've got married and many congratulations to you both. Hopefully you will be together again very soon and that you can fill in your time meanwhile with whatever makes you happy.


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