Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekly Challenge #203: "UMT - Athitzi by Seven"

We had a blackout this afternoon so I did some tangling.  Not so sure if it looks like 'Athitzi' as I only tangled half of the petals.  I used a brown Micron and added some shading.

If you haven't already seen what others have done with this challenge, then if you have some time you may click here

I hope you've had a lovely week :)


  1. I do like this use for Athitzi. It really seems like a drawing technique rather than a tangle, but it is a very effective style to add to our toolbox. Very nice piece, Lila :)

  2. Lila, I just fell in love with your version of Athitzi!! Beautiful coloring too!!!The color you used to frame it looks perfect!! Just beautiful! :0) annette

  3. Like Anette, I love the color of the frame next to the color of your zia!

  4. I like this piece very much. Nice use of color and attractive pattern choices.


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