Sunday, 5 October 2014

Weekly Challenge #187: "String Theory - Blind String"

Laura's challenge this week is to use a 'blind' string ie close your eyes and draw a squiggle on a blank tile.  I didn't use a tile, instead I drew it in my 5X7 drawing book. 

The challenge comes out on a Monday night for us Australians and its usually quite late so what I like to do is wait for it to be posted so I can at least read what the new challenge will be and then if I get a chance start on it the next day (during my lunch break).

So I did.  I drew my first squiggle and wasn't excited over it, so I flipped the page, tried it again - nope, still wasn't happy as now both times the blind string was quite centred and didn't cover more of the page.  One more try, this time the string took more space but I still wasn't that impressed with it.  Oh well, its only paper.

Even though I wasn't thrilled with my strings, I did use them - all 3 of them, however my 3rd one is not finished - hopefully I'll get around to completing it as well.

I forgot to take a pic of the first string, but I think you can tell where the string is.

Below is the 2nd string

The end result using the string above

The pics below are other pieces from the last week.  I thought I'd post them now while I was still in the mood to write in my blog.

Thank you for yoour visit - have a lovely weekend.

As always I appreciate you coming here and for your kind comments. :) 

A play on my latest pattern 'Poppie Love'.

A focus on Dex

Something in colour

 Kathy Long's 'Splice'

 Nothing in particular

 this is A4 in size

 Trying out 'Langtree' by Mildred Galliher

My play with 'Sqaro' by Helen Adams


  1. Oh WOW! You have been so busy and they are all lovely! I truly really like your first for some reason! Just spoke to me somehow.

  2. You have been busy. Lovely work on all the tiles. I think what you did with your strings came out nice.

  3. Wow, Lila, what a lot of beauties are you showing here. I am still trying to pick a favorite, but can't because they are all great an sometimes very different. Anyway, I'll try to find more about Kathy Long's Slice.

  4. Lovely Blind String Tiles. Great use of solid black, and I was delighted to see JujuBeedz in the first tile. I also like how your arrow headed lines in the second Tile were incorporated into your design. Beautiful work. Wonderful Post, Lila. Love all of your Tiles.

  5. what a lot of lovely art work. the one in colour is beautiful. I like your blind sting - lots of nice white space so you can appreciate your choice of tangles.

  6. I like the style of your blind string pieces a lot! the simplicity and contrast...but my favorite is your "nothing in particular" reminds me of a little bouquet, a posey that someone might gather in a meadow. So sweet.


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