Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Weekly Challenge #146: DuoTangle Pea-nuckle/Well

I made some time to do a piece for this week's Diva Challenge.  This week we are to only use 2 tangles - they are Pea-nuckle and Well.  At first I thought it a  very strange combination and didn't see how these two tangles would gel.  I decided to do 'Well' not so rigid and without it being in a grid, although I love grid patterns and I have a liking for Well too.  As for 'Pea-nuckle', I don't remember the last time I have used it - it's not a favourite of mine as I can't seem to make it flow naturally.  So between the rigid Pea-nuckle and the gridless Well, I think it came together and I am very happy with the outcome.

Thanks for your visit - have a lovely week and Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends celebrating the day.  :)

Oh, I fiddled around and photo edited some too.  It's fun seeing what I come up with - of course nothing beats the original in black and white.  Let me know what you think :)

And after all that, I'm having problems uploading pics on my Blog so I will link it via Flickr.  Oh well!

Finally! it worked! phew! :)


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  1. Wonderful. It looks like a basket overflowing with forget-me-nots. Likey. :@) x


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