Saturday, 3 August 2013

Weekly Challenge #129: String Theory v. XXV: TanglelPatterns String#004

I have been so busy this week and I finally managed to get some tangling done - so here is my entry to this week's Diva Challenge.  Not quite what I imagined it to look like and I am happy with it - I used 'Pais' for the string and ended up putting a border of 'Nvelope'.  Also came across a pattern by Traci Frogly called Thumbprintz - its fab!! I love it!!  Thanks for stopping by :)

and here is my original Tangle Pattern String # 4



  1. Quite a difference those two tiles. I like the framed one and also that there are some other tangles 'breaking' the frame.

  2. Both are lovely! The first is my favorite on. It has a pretty choice of tangles and a fine shading! The second one has a nice contrast.


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