Sunday, 2 June 2013

Zendala Dare # 60 - #35 revisited 'Where's my template?'

Zendala Dare # 35 by Poppie_60
Zendala Dare # 35, a photo by Poppie_60 on Flickr.

shown here also in reverse and digitally edited

Zendala Dare #60 - the Devil that you know

After I realised I interpreted this week's Dare incorrectly, I knew exactly which Dare to revisit. It was number 35, titled 'where is my template?'. I struggled with this one - I took several attempts at scanning the cut out (used up all my colour cartridge in the process too!) I was that fed up with it that I kept procastinating, and in the end I did not finish it. So this time I went back in time, found the 3 different coloured cardstocks all ready to be tangled and here is the result. I hope you like it - was a long time coming.

thanks for looking :)


  1. I chose the same dare #35 that you did. I also didn't finish it last time. You did a great job on your "redux". It's lovely, and it still looks like a snowflake, an extra little thing that is beautiful. Mine has no resemblance to a snowflake.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh Goodness!! All are sooooooo lovely! I'm still playing catch up and haven't gotten as far as #35 yet so I had to go read about it on Erin's blog. What fun!! And yours all turned out so well!! Sorry you struggled the first time around but very glad you revisited it and shared your results!

  3. Like your snowflakes a lot. Like the one that is curved.

  4. All these interpretations of your snowflake are so well done. Great job


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