Friday, 14 June 2013

Adventures in Monotangles #14 Hollibaugh

Panda by Poppie_60
Panda, a photo by Poppie_60 on Flickr.


I forgot that this was going to be a monotangle for this week's 'Adventures in Monotangles' with Roy from 'Mindful Creations' :)

This Adventure, which is now up to Week 14 is to use the tangle called 'Hollibaugh'. So here you have it, something that began with Hollibaugh in mind, but then I got side tracked.

I'll try to do another one soon.

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  1. I love your creation, it just shows you were in a ZEN moment.

  2. you are always so creative! love it

  3. I think I already told you how much I like this on flickr. With several different places that we all post our things, I can sometimes get mixed up. In any case, I do love this one Lila.

  4. oh wauw! i love this! this is soooo great!

  5. It may not be a monotangle, but it is fabulous :)


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