Friday, 29 March 2013

Weekly Challenge #111 More-Mooka-Madness Monotangle-Mania

oops! I didn't realise until I uploaded that it was a monotangle. :)

Mooka, is one I avoid at all costs - something about it - maybe cause I find it difficult to incorporate in my work :) I do love the flowy style of our tangling colleagues, but I would say, my works are more structured in appearance - not to say I plan because I don't, I just take it to where it takes me - love the element of surprise :)

go here to see other works - I'll try to get through them all - there are so many and my time is limited of late :)

thanks for looking :)

Mooka #2


  1. Lila, your explanation of avoiding Mooka is so true!! But now you've proved, that you CAN!!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, really gorgeous!

  3. Both tiles are really beautiful Lila!!!


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