Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Weekly Challenge #110: "Get rid of the box"

This week the Diva has encouraged us to be creative and think outside of the box.

Well, well, well, did I have some fun!

I was going to roast some Beetroot for dinner, so I kept some and cut a heart shape with a cookie cutter.  I also used the peelings to colour some paper.  I haven't done anything with that yet - been too busy with this challenge :)

Okay, so once my creative juices got going, there was no stopping. 

I decided to have the heart as the main feature of this floral Zentangle Inspired Art.  I then cut some leaves and succulents and laid them out artfully on a sushi mat which would provide texture for when I edited.

Now, it was always my intention to work on this digitally once it was assembled and snap shot taken.  In my mind I was going to use the ebossing feature, print it on paper and then I was going to tangle with pens. 

I also chose my plants to be both red and green in colour, so if I chose to invert the pic you would still see a difference.

.....However, I was having too much fun - edited in many ways. 

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  1. Lila, I think you always work outside the box, these are really wonderfully AWESOME!!!

  2. Gorgeous! And what a brilliant idea.

  3. How imaginative and fun. I am just beginning to play with my designs digitally, and you are an inspiration!

  4. I love how your zentangling skills keep giving us such beautiful inspiration and delights to look at!

  5. Excellent! I am guessing beautiful New South Wales influences your style. I completely love the colors.

  6. OMG! These are fantastic! What a creative response to the challenge.

  7. These are all lovely....and there's definitely no box anywhere near. Very imaginative and creative.

  8. Wow, very creative and oh so out of the box! Fantastic idea and result!

  9. Ohh WOW this is brilliant and so creative and stunningly beautiful!!

  10. Completely out of the box. What a wonderful collection of beautiful art you created.

  11. I know every commenter already said it, but "WOW!" That's all I can say!


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