Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pinwheel for International Day of Peace - 21 September

pinwheel by Poppie_60
pinwheel, a photo by Poppie_60 on Flickr.

Weekly Challenge #87: "String Theory v. XII: Pinwheels for Peace v.II"

Last year for International Day of Peace, we dedicated the weekly challenge (#40) to creating Zentangled Pinwheels inspired by this great website Pinwheels for Peace. Pinwheels for Peace originally started as an art installation organized by two high school teachers in Florida. They used the project as a way to teach kids how to express their feelings about the world and what's going on in it. Since then, it's grown from 500,000 pinwheels the first year to 3.5 million last year!!

Here is my first pinwheel - tangles used: Apple Blossoms and Twisted Ribbons by Suzanne McNeill CZT

thanks for looking :)


  1. What a beautiful piec your pinwheel. The balanc between blak and whit is great by making one sid dark snd fully tangled, and the others side a lot of white. Makes the pinwheel in great balance.

  2. Beautiful combination of tangles. Love it!

  3. this looks great! i like that you actually made a pinwheel and put it on a backing - this is really pretty!

    1. Thank you Alice, that's all I could find as I didn't have any rods/sticks around :) P.S thanks for following me :))

  4. Oh wow! It's a real pinwheel and I like the delicacy of it! Nice picture too!

  5. I really like the lovely tangles you've chosen, they look gorgeous as a pinwheel - all light and airy.

  6. Thanks Everyone - for taking the time to comment - I know it does take a bit of time and can get frustrating sometimes :) Time to view some more of your wonderful tangles - Peace :)

  7. Very pretty - I love the balance of two tangles you've chosen - both new to me - very, very nicely done!

  8. Lovely look and two new tangles for me to add to my collection. Great that you made it a real pinwheel

  9. Hi Lila, I love both of these tangles you've used. Although these are new to me, I use a lot of Suzanne McNeill's tangles, and I'm off now to try them for myself.
    Thanks for the fantastic pinwheel!


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