Friday, May 20, 2016

New Pattern - Kathy

 Hi Everyone,

I am alive and well (haven't posted since December, naughty, naughty!).  Lots going on and hard to spread myself everywhere lol.

This pattern came about during my study on 'T' grids over at Ina's place.

I've been busy the last few days doing some of the activities with the Grid Journey.  The pattern I played with was my own 'Penelope'.  I had already studied it to death, I had thought, but alas, through my grid play, there were even more possibilities!! :)

I hope you find time to come out and play - I would love to see what you come up with.  Have a lovely day :)



  1. I really love how delicate Kathy is! Especially the version without the filled in lines. I tend to make small, dense designs on my tiles, so having a beautiful airy patterns will be so helpful for balance.

    Glad you are back! Life has a habit of getting into the way doesn't it? Still as long as life is good, that's the best thing. :)

  2. Beautiful! Are these for open use, without sales?


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