Saturday, 21 December 2013

3 Wise Men - Paris (pattern)

I wanted to make my grand-daughter a Christmas card with a fun, cheery, Christmassy feel.  Santas came to mind and this is the pattern that developed.  From this pattern emerged another named 'Go-tee' (I will post that one too).  I have named this pattern after my grand-daughter Paris.

As I was doing the card, I changed my mind a little and did not add any eyes to the Santas.  I decided to have 2 borders and then for the main part of the card I turned the Santas into the 3 Wise Men, and left the end ones for Christmas Trees.  (that's ok, we can do that - there is no right or wrong)

I hope you like it and I would love to see what others come up with.  Thank you for your visit :)

 3 Wise Men - with background fill

3 wise men - no background fill


Thank you for your visit :)