Saturday, 13 July 2013

Weekly Diva Challenge #126 Stencil Fun (No. 2)

I really enjoyed this challenge - thank you Laura.

This is my second entry.  For this one I traced around a stainless steel trivet (one of those things you use to put hot dishes on)

I quite like it, although at first I wasn't happy with how my tangles were going but that's ok too :)

When I first started tangling I never shaded, I didn't like the look, maybe because I wasn't that experienced in shading.  I still have a lot to learn however I really do like shading now - I find it very therapeutic.

To see what other tanglers have made you may visit Laura's blogspot  I'm really looking forward to seeing what other's have been inspired by.  I don't like viewing before I have finished as I don't want to be influenced by what I have seen :)

Thanks for looking :)

A close up of my inspiration piece - a Trivet with a flower

More close ups

Edited in Blue


  1. Great idea! The shading is excellent. So your tile becomes lively. Wonderful!


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