Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone - it's going to be a lovely day!

Well, it seems that I was only able to post one - yes that's right, just one pic yesterday!!  I was so excited when the picture was uploaded.  I've been trying for months now.  The only way I can post pics is via Flickr.  That can be a good thing, however, I was alerted to the fact that when I do that, it takes the viewer to my 'Home' page - oh! oh!! bad girl!!  sorry guys, I had no idea that was happening as I post the URL connected to the pic.

That said, I decided to add a few more pics, under the relevant pages.  No such luck!! problems again!  was trying all day hoping the little gremlins went away.

So, now it's Sunday morning - and I tried again (not giving up).  Hooray!! Yipee!! Yee-Haa!! it worked (seems like I have a small window of opportunity - so I uploaded several) - not having time to write any notes - no way Jose, gotta post some more pics.

Time for breakfast - Vegemite on toast :)

Will fill you in - let's see how successful today will be.


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  1. Have seen your pics on flickr. Very nice. Love your coloured ones most. You must have been very busy drawing lately. ( I can't react on flickr)


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